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Customer Reviews

Want to give a shout out to a local business I used today Coastal Bin Cleaning. My garabage bin started smelling rancid after some chicken came out of one of the bags.  It stunk to high heaven and was attracting all kinds of flying and crawling bugs. They came out shortly after the garbage company emptied the cans and now it honestly looks good as new. 

~ Ron Smith

Customer Reviews

We got 2 bins cleaned today and were beyond pleased with the results. My husband and my daughter were in shock. This was the best $ I have spent lately and I highly recommend this services!

~Michelle A.


Learn the story of how Coastal Bin Cleaning became a company.


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No one wants to clean a garbage can.  It is an unpleasant tasks that takes you away from things you’d rather be doing. The fact is you cannot clean your trash bins as throughly or as efficiently as Coastal Bin Cleaning.

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally responsible (all products are 100% biodegradable)
  • Convenient curbside service
  •  Bins are 99.9% free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold
    • Regular cleanings will eliminate flies, maggots, cockroaches, and ants in addition to pests like raccoons and rodents
    • Healthier to prevent the spread of germs
    • Conserves water

Better for the Environment

We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable, disinfectants, and deodorizers.  Our trailer is entirely self-contained so the dirty water generated from the cleaning process is reclaimed back into the trailer.  There is no run-off into storm drains which make their way to our local lakes and ponds.  We leave no evidence that we have there except your sanitized and deodorized bins.

Our Promise

From our specialized equipment, our environmentally conscious operation to our 100% biodegradable cleaning products we pride ourselves in our “no effect” on the environment promise.